GM Operation

January 26, 2023
150000 - 180000 / month
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Job Description

Exploring potential business avenues and managing marketing and sales operations for
achieving increased business growth and initiating market development efforts.
 Analyzing latest marketing trends and tracking competitors’ activities and providing
valuable inputs for fine tuning sales & marketing strategies; facilitating product
improvement initiatives.
 Building and maintaining healthy business relations with OEMs, corporate & government
clients; mapping their requirements and providing them best industrial solutions.
 Ensuring maximum customer satisfaction by providing pre/post technical assistance and
achieving delivery and quality norms.
 Managing the troubleshooting, providing technical assistance to customers and
conducting consumer meets regarding delivery of quality products & services in the
 Managing overall operations with a view to ensure timely accomplishment of production
targets within the time and cost parameters.
 Overseeing Procurement activities, implementing effective techniques to bring efficiency
in operations, improve quality standards & achieve maximum cost savings.
 Designing, developing and manufacturing new tools, conducting research &
development, etc. as per client’s requirements.
 Formulating & executing strategic plans and ensuring smooth execution of projects at
the shop floor within time & cost parameters.
 Preparing annual budgets for consumable materials & departmental expenditure.
 Formulating & executing project / production and manpower schedules / plans.
 Ensuring cost reduction across the process by implementing new techniques &
productivity improvement.
 Developing & following up with Vendors / Customers for material delivery.
 Surveying and ensuring effectiveness of the procedures on product requirement review;
manufacturing process development, process validation & re-validation.
 Delegating schedules for smooth functioning of operations to process engineering by
providing all inputs for developing process for new product development & its

 Monitoring quality systems & compliance with preset standards; troubleshooting and
maintaining requisite documents to ensure complete in-process quality & improvement in
process capabilities.
 Interacting with clients to map their requirements and providing apt products.
 Monitoring the performance of Engineers to ensure efficiency in process operations and
meeting of individual & group targets.
 Planning, directing & coordinating manufacturing of products in compliance with
company goals & objectives.
 Analyzing & controlling delivery & inventory issues & providing appropriate solutions.
 Establishing and controlling production conditions in order to satisfy customer and meet
quality specifications.
 Participating in standardization and cost reduction measures through low cost
 Directing Department Heads in provisioning and executing operating strategies,
maintenance activities & prod plans.
 Organizing and directing workflow for satisfying production requirement in a cost-efficient
 Developing new products thru reverse Engineering.
 Taking care of Supply Chain management and developing new suppliers to meet today’s
 Developing and motivating cost-effective alternatives and improvements to production
 Maintaining employee safety and morale by creating safe working and efficient working
 Monthly Stock Accounting & Reconciliation & Inventory management minimum inventory
maintaining JTI.
 Reducing Purchase cost every month.
 Ensure 100 % Make Quality product, in process F/QC at Customer End.
 Complete plant run as per guide line TS 16949 ISO 9001 to 2016,8001,14001 and SA
8000 Compliance.
 Conducting customer audit and ensuring plant is approved by the customer.
 Supervising production related tasks including planning, control & troubleshooting for achieving
the planned periodic schedules and process control.
 In – Process rejection review.
 New Product Implementation and Process Design for the same.
 Regular Audits to be handle. Systems/Process Audit NC CA & PA.
 preparing operational budgets and ensuring adherence to the same. To take clearance for capex
items with payback justification.
 Developing new process concepts for production optimization, yield improvement and developing
guidelines for the sequencing of manufacturing activities.
 Leading a team and attaining the monthly production targets (assigning targets as per PPM – parts
per million and tracking progress against targets by analyzing daily reports).
 Co-ordination with the other departments for smooth functioning and accomplishing production as
per customers’ requirement & organizational guidelines.
 Appraising the prevalent production systems/ processes, identifying loopholes if any and
undertaking result-oriented measures for alleviating them and documenting the same.
 Monitoring the production status, daily downtime analysis, procedures and systems followed in
production to ensure compliance norms with desired quality and timely delivery of orders.
Accidents and unsafe Conditions identifications and CA.