Supply Chain Management(Electrical Department)

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Job Description

 Checking GST ITC on Portal against Purchase/Expenses.
 Plan and implement the overall supply chain strategy.
 Collaborate with Sales, Operations, and Customer Service teams.
 Determine key supply chain KPIs.
 Suggest solutions for process improvements.
 Identify process bottleneck and implement solutions in a timely manner.
 Train and evaluate others.
 Provide constructive feedback.
 Work with finance, sales, and manufacturing team to determine best
vendors and distributors.
 Build and maintain good relationships with vendors.
 work with procurement managers and buyers to source the right products
 negotiate contracts with suppliers and customers
 control manufacturing and delivery processes
 plan and implement logistical strategy, ensuring targets are met
 oversee product storage, handling and distribution
 use computer software to track goods from origin to delivery
 work on forecasts and inventories, keeping an accurate record of the process
and analysing performance
 manage the costs involved while maintaining quality
 ensure you’re aware of exactly what is happening throughout the supply
 manage and motivate a team of supply chain staff
 improve the overall supply chain performance and look for any possible
innovations to the process
 develop new and existing relationships with suppliers
 manage and minimise the risks (for example operational or reputational)
that could affect or interrupt the supply chain
 consider the environmental impact of the supply chain in order to meet
sustainability targets
 implement new technologies and stay alert to new trends and developments
in the sector.